FITVII HM18 User Manual

FITVII HM18 User Manual

Set Language

Here’s a quick guide to resetting language if ever caught in the wrong linguistic setting.

  1. Swipe down⬇️on the watch screen and tap the settings ⚙--the gear icon; or click the power button and scroll down to select the settings icon;
  2. Choose “the trash bin”icon

The watch will be reset and you can re-select language

Download APP

  1. You can search for the “H Band” APP in the APP Store/Google Play to download it.
  2. Or click the link below to download:

Note: After the installation is successful, please register and log in according to the interface prompts for a better experience and use of this product.


Disconnect or connected

  1. Open the H Band APP and tap---Mine---My Device---Disconnect or “Tap to connect”.
  2. The app can only connect to one watch.
  3. To successfully connect the watch and mobile phone, please turn on the Bluetooth connection and GPS of the mobile phone.

Firmware upgrade

The APP will prompt that there is a new watch firmware version. You can enter the APP “Device” interface to Upgrade it.


  1. The watch’s battery should be above 60%
  2. During the upgrade process, the mobile phone interface will show an upgrade progress bar, please do not do any operations.

Set Time

  1. Once the device is successfully connected to the APP, the time and date will be synchronized with your phone.
  2. Or calibrate the time directly with your watch. Please go to the watch---Settings---Date &time---Enter the correct time.

Change Watch Face

  1. Open the H Band APP---Mine---My Device---Dial Settings---Select more dials or Tap “Photo Watch Face” to customize the dials.
  2. Go to the watch---press the button---tap settings---Dial, and swipe right and left to choose a picture you like
  3. Go to the watch---long-press the interface---and swipe right and left to choose a new dial

Switch Units

Weight or Distance Units: open the H Band APP---Mine---Unit Settings---Set units.

Temperature unit can be switched in the Weather setting (H Band App=>Mine=>My Device=>Weather setting=>Temperature unit)


Turn Wrist Detection

Please go to H Band APP---Mine---My Device---Turn Wrist Detection, set time control.


Blood Pressure Calibration

a. Open the 'H Band' App.

b. Tap 'Mine' and select 'My Device(HM18)'.

c. Choose 'BP private mode'.

d. Enter the calibrated blood pressure value and click 'Save'.

Auto Monitoring

  1. Please go to H Band APP---Mine---My Device---Switch setting---Turn on the Automatic Health Monitor.
  2. Or please go to watch---Settings---switch---Turn on the automatic health monitoring of heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, scientific sleep, and sedentary reminder.

Tips: the more health monitoring functions are enabled, the faster the power consumption will be. Please turn on the functions according to your own needs.

Waterproof instructions

Waterproof rating: IP68

The watch is waterproof which you can wear it to swim or do water activities. But it cannot be taken to hot bath,diving.

Supplement: It is not recommended to wear it in a hot bath. Water vapor produced when washing hot water. Its molecular radius is small, and it is easy to seep into the gap of the watch case. When the temperature drops, it will gradually condense into water droplets, which will damage the circuit board of the watch and damage the watch.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email:

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