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Tutorial Video for Smartwatch


Q1: How to change German language to English?

Please turn on the watch---pull down⬇️ the main interface---tap Settings⚙--the "gear" icon---select the letter “EN” or "A" icon---choose English

Q2: How to change the language to English for HM18 watch?

1. You can reset the watch as follows:

Scroll down the interface or click the power button---tap the settings⚙---choose “the
trash bin
”🗑️ icon, then your watch will be reset.

After resetting, choose your desired language from the options provided.

2. Or connect the watch to the H Band app on your phone.

Q3: How to change the Time and Date?

Once the device is successfully connected to the phone, the time will be synchronized.

Q4: How to connect the fitness tracker with my smartphone?

Please open the APP—Device—+Add Device—Search—Select the model and connect, and wait a moment to pair

Q5: My phone cannot detect/connect to the watch?

1. Please make sure to download the correct FitCloudPro app.

2. Switch on your phone's Bluetooth.

3. Exit the watch's Power saving mode.

4. Check whether the watch is connected to other devices.

Q6: How to change the kg to pounds or cm to in?

Open the FitCloudPro APP---Me---Units---Set units for length, weight, or temperature

Q7: How to select the watch face?

You can change the clock face both on the watch and the APP:

1)Long press the main screen to change the watch face.

2)Open the APP-- Device-- Watchface/Dial library

Q8: How to get off the military time (time format)?

Open the FitCloudPro APP -- Device -- Hour style. Select the hour style you want to display on your watch. For more information, please contact us via email: support@fitvii.com

Q9: The watch cannot be charged/cannot be turned on.

1. Confirm that the USB cable and charging method are correct.

2. Try different outlets to test the charger.

3. Charge the watch for 1 hour before testing.

4. Send a video to email (support@fitvii.com) and we will propose solution.

Q10: Why does the watch take sleep reading from midnight on?

The watch only captured a longer part of sleeping records. If you get up in the middle of the night and exercise more than 30 steps, your sleep will be interrupted.
Please don' t check your sleeping patterns before getting up.
Take off the tracker to avoid stopping monitoring sleeping if you get up to move around or do something at midnight. Then when you fall asleep again, please put on your watch back to continue monitoring your sleep.