FITVII HM68 User Manual

FITVII HM68 User Manual

Thank you for choosing this product, please read the operation guide carefully before use
Not a medical device and not intended for use in the diagnosis

Set Language

Please turn on the watch---pull down⬇️ the main interface---tap Settings⚙--the "gear" icon---select the letter “EN” icon---choose English


Download App

1. You can search for "FitCloudPro" APP in App Store /Google play/ Baidu Assistant to download.
2. Or click the link below to download:

Note: Get "FitCloudPro'' APP for free with no subscription requirements! To ensure you have the best experience, make sure to download the correct app and avoid sponsored apps in the APP Store or Google Play Store!

Band installation/unloading

Get Notification

Go to the FitCloudPro app---Device---Push Notifications---Turn on the message or app notifications you need to sync to the watch. Please don't forget to allow the
corresponding app notification permission on your phone.

Note: Notification Center must be enabled to get the messages on the iPhone iOS. Please check whether your mobile phone message notifications are enabled and allowed to be displayed on the screen when the phone screen locks.(often under Settings---Notifications) If your phone hides message notifications and previews, your watch won't display them either.

Firmware upgrade

The APP will prompt that there is a new watch firmware version. You can enter the APP "My device" interface to Upgrade it.

Smartwatch Upgrade notes:
1. The watch's battery should be above 60%
2. During the upgrade process, the mobile phone interface will show an upgrade progress bar, please do not do any operations.



By default, there will be 8 sports modes in the "Workout" list of the watch. You can add other sports to the list. Go to the FitCloudPro APP --- Device --- Sports Push ---select the sports you want. The push process will take about one minute.


Change Clock face

Open the FitCloudPro App-->Device-->Watchface(IOS)/DialLibrary (Android) -->Select the FIRST picture to edit picture in your own gallery as the watch face

Time format

Open the FitCloudPro APP -- Device -- Time format. Select the time format you want to display on your watch


Turn Wrist Detection
Open the FitCloudPro APP -- Device -- flip over the wrist screen. Set a time range for when you want to turn over the wrist light

Auto monitoring

1. Please go to FitCloudPro APP -- Mine -- Device, enhanced monitoring or continuous monitoring of heart rate, Reminder of long sitting, Drink Reminder


1. Swipe down on the watch screen to enter the control interface.

2. Tap the call icon to open call audio and media audio settings.
Enabling call audio allows you to make calls and use the voice assistant function through the watch, but the watch must remain connected to the phone.
Enabling media audio allows the watch to sync all audio from your phone, such as music and ringtones.
Note: If you want to use the Find My Phone feature or if you don't want the sound come out from the watch, please turn off Media Audio Sync. This will allow the phone to play a notification sound.

Waterproof rating: IP67
The watch is waterproof, but not for hot showers, diving, swimming.

Disconnect or connected

Open the FitCloudPro app and tap “Device">"Unbind or add device

Function introduction

Super long battery life, smart sports watch. It includes a variety of functions such as call, exercise, heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, sleep monitoring, daily exercise record, message reminder, breathing training, voice assistant and so on. Suitable for daily fitness tests and exercise.
When connected with a mobile phone, you can experience the functions of the smartwatch series.
Smartwatch support: information notification, blood oxygen detection, blood pressure detection, sleep detection, heart rate detection, women's health, exercise mode, photo control, music control, breathing training, voice assistant, etc.

Disclaimer: This product is not an electrocardiogram or related device and is not intended for use by medical professionals.


lt is recommended to wear and maintain according to the following 3 points:
1.Keep the product clean
2.Keep the product dry
3.Please wear the product correctly
* For stains that are not easy to remove, it is recommended to scrub with alcohol

Safety instructions

1. Although smart watches can detect real-time dynamic heart rate, they cannot be used for any medical purposes.
2. Do not place the device and its accessories in an area with too high or too low temperature, otherwise it may cause the device to malfunction, catch fire or explode.
3. Avoid strong impact or vibration on the product, so as not to damage the equipment and its accessories and cause equipment failure.
4. Do not disassemble or modify the equipment and accessories without authorization, please contact the after-sales service ( when the equipment fails.
5. If the equipment is not used for a long time, please make sure to recharge it once every three months.

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