FITVII HM78 User Manual

FITVII HM78 User Manual

How to set up your smart watch

1. Charge your watch: When using the watch for the first time, it's essential to charge it for about 2 hours to ensure a full charge.

2. Enable Bluetooth: Keep the Bluetooth connection device of the mobile phone turned on.

3. Download the FitCloudPro App: Please search for the “FitCloudPro” APP in the APP Store/ Google Play to download.

4. After installing, please register and log in according to the interface prompts.

5. Connect your watch: Tap Device---click “+Bind Device” ---find your device to connect.


Set Language

Please turn on the watch=>pull down⬇️ the main interface=>tap Settings⚙--the "gear" icon=>select the letter “EN” icon=>choose English


Switch Units

Open the FitCloudPro App--> Me --> Units -->Set units for distance, weight or temperature





Allow notifications: 
After connection, the App will pop up "Allow watch to receive notifications from your phone", please click " Allow". If not, the watch will not receive message notifications. If you want to receive messages in the future, you need to disconnect the device and re-connect to the App.

How to disconnect the Bluetooth?
You can open your phone's Bluetooth settings, select your watch's Bluetooth name, and click "Ignore this device".

How to use smart watch functions?

Audio Settings
1. Swipe down on the watch screen to enter the control interface.
2. Tap the call icon to open call audio and media audio settings. Enabling call audio allows you to make calls and use the voice assistant function through the watch, but the watch must remain connected to the phone.
Enabling media audio allows the watch to sync all audio from your phone, such as music and ringtones.
Note: If you want to use the Find My Phone feature, please turn off Media audio. This will allow the phone to play a notification sound.

Heart rate Monitoring

Supports 24/7 heart rate tracking.

Open the FitCloudPro APP---Device---Turn on the switch of the Automatic Health Monitor and Elevated Heart Rate Measurement

Tips: The more health monitoring functions are enabled, the faster the power consumption will be. Please turn on the functions according to your own needs.

Blood Oxygen monitor
Support for viewing the highest and lowest blood oxygen of the day.
To measure your real time blood oxygen, enter the "Blood Oxygen" screen on the watch and wait for about one minute for the measurement results to appear.
Note: Please make sure your watch is firmly attached to your wrist and your arm is stationary during the measurement.

Blood Pressure monitor
Supports 24/7 Blood Pressure tracking. To turn on 24/7 Blood Pressure monitor feature: Go to FitCloudPro APP -- Device--Automatic Health Monitoring--Switch on 
Supplement: The more health monitoring functions are enabled, the faster the power consumption will be. Please turn on the functions according to your own needs.
To measure your real time Blood Pressure, go to the "Blood Pressure" interface on the watch and wait for about half a minute for the measurement.

Sleep Tracking
Support to view your recent sleep records and different stages of sleep status. To measure sleep data, wear the watch tightly when you fall asleep, and the device will recognize that you are in sleeping automatically.

Breath Training
This function can helps you to adjust the rhythm of your breathing. You can choose from 3 speeds (fast, Medium and Slow). Please enter the "Breathing Training" on your watch, select your time and speed, and click Start.

Female Function
This function has three modes, the menstrual function, the pregnancy preparation function, and the pregnancy function, you can record and project the time to help you better understand the different time periods.
Note: This feature can only be turned on when the FitCloudPro app account gender is female.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email:

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